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What is LSD? Buy LSD Online

Buy LSD Online- An extremely potent hallucinogen is LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), which was first synthesized in 1938. It is produced synthetically from lysergic acid found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye and other grains.

It is so strong its doses appear to be within the range of micrograms (mcg). It’s effects that can be relaxing, pleasurable, and mind-altering, sometimes called a “holiday,” or it can lead to an uncomfortable, at times frightening experience called a “bad ride.”

LSD is illegal in the U.S. and is listed as a Schedule 1 substance by the Substance Enforcement Agency ( DEA), meaning LSD has a high potential for abuse, has no prescription therapies currently approved, and has a lack of recognized protection for use under medical supervision.
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LSD is formed in crystalline form and either combined with other inactive ingredients, or diluted in ingestible forms as a liquid for processing. It is odorless and colorless and has a bitter taste.

The LSD is typically found in different forms on the streets, such as:

Blotter paper (LSD soaked on sheets of colorful absorbent paper; cut into small, individual dosing units)-the most common type
(Commonly referred to as window panes) small squares of gelatin
Tablet shape (usually small tablets, called Microdots) or capsules
Liquid on cubes of sugar
The pure type of liquid (maybe extremely potent)
Some people can inhale LSD (snort) through the nose, or inject it into a vein (shoot it). The amount of LSD that is found in any form ingested can not be predicted.